Sharon Osbourne Discusses Her Diet Struggles and Food Addiction

There are numerous celebrities who want to living healthy lives, but not all succeed. One celebrity who has made quite an impression by losing a significant amount of weight is Sharon Osbourne. She shocked everybody with her new physique. The best part is that she successfully lost weight in a short while and without any surgical aids. Now she looks better than ever and is healthy as well. Sharon revealed her diet plan and how she overcame her weight issues.

Sharon has tried numerous weight-loss methods over the years. Most recently she tried using the lap band. The lap band worked, and she did lose quite a bit of weight. But like most weight-loss aids, it had side effects. She had no choice but to get rid of the lap band. As expected, when she had the lap band removed, she regained weight quickly.

This is when she found out about the Atkins diet. Sharon Osbourne considers the Atkins diet to be a change of lifestyle rather than a diet plan. She also said that her successful weight loss was only possible due to the support she received from her son and husband. To show support for her weight loss efforts, Ozzy and Jack both followed the Atkins diet with Sharon.

The support of her family played a significant part in her successful weight loss. She had to alter her diet considerably to incorporate more protein. In addition, she had to cut down on her carbohydrate intake. This diet has helped her lose 28 pounds in just three months. This diet has ended her constant struggle to lose weight.

Sharon Osbourne was never able to lose weight permanently. She often experienced significant weight loss but wasn’t able to keep the weight off. Eventually, she always regained the weight she had lost. However, Sharon took a number of steps to ensure weight loss success this time around. She had to get rid of her food cravings. Normally, she would constantly think about the food that was in her fridge. She overcame these cravings by indulging in healthier alternatives. She even took walks to curb her unhealthy snacking habits. This helped her overcome the cravings.

One thing that helped her lose weight was her perspective. Instead of focusing on her overall weight-loss effort, she concentrated on the daily regimen. This approach has helped her finally to stay on track.

Author: Callie Lake

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