Sherri Sheperd Weight Loss Tips

Sherri Sheperd was motivated by her son to begin this weight loss journey. Sheperd was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, a disease that has caused tragedy in her family already. She is celebrating years of hard work paying off. She is continuing to lose weight and getting closer to her weight loss goal with each passing month. Sheperd has a few motivational and inspirational tips that she uses to help her stay on track.

Sherri Sheperd offers weight loss tips from personal experience and success. She says she utilizes the weekend to cook ahead for the week. She also advises that you find a way to include vegetables in your breakfast one or two times a week. Shepherd also advises that you take baby steps, by taking everything one day at a time. Incorporate new healthy habits a little bit each day.

Before going out to eat at a restaurant, Shepherd says eat something at home first. Eating at home means you don’t go to the restaurant starving hungry, and are more likely to make better food decisions and eat moderate portions. When you go to the movie theater, bring your own plain popcorn, do not eat movie theater popcorn. Shepherd also says to pack on the go apple slices and organic peanut butter for a pick me up. Shepherd says it’s important to learn how to say no to sweet, processed, fatty foods, but it is equally important to learn how to say yes occasionally. Indulging once in a while doesn’t hurt.

Sherri Shepherd offers an array of tips for not only each day of the week but also for every occasion. Shepherd says that when it comes to exercise, invest in a set of light hand weights for upper body strength. It’s important to get all the benefits of strength training, whether it be in a gym or by using your own stuff around the house. The most important thing is to make sure that you are strengthening. Shepherd also gets her family involved in both eating better and getting out for exercise. Shepherd wants her family to eat well and exercise for their own good health.

Sherri Shepherd has come a long way on her weight loss journey, and has learned many valuable lessons. Shepherd’s weight loss tips are based on those lessons on her experience and her success. Shepherd has learned how important it is to take care of your health not only for yourself but for your family as well. The weight loss tip that Shepherd stresses most is to take baby steps, to make each change a lifestyle change not just a trend.

Author: Callie Lake

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