Teresa Giudice Diet Pill Endorsement Brings on Fan Trolling

Teresa Giudice Diet Pill Endorsement TrollingFans have taken to social media to object to the Teresa Guidice diet pill endorsement trend. They’ve been arguing, berating and trolling the Real Housewives of New Jersey celebrity for what they say is misleading, disrespectful and even dangerous. Fans feel they are being used and lied to.

The Teresa Guidice Diet Pill Endorsement is Far from Unique

The situation has to do with several Teresa Guidice diet pill endorsement posts the star made on her social media accounts. These were promotional posts for herbal diuretics through which she claimed to have lost unwanted water weight.

This type of post is a rapidly rising trend on social media. While some stars are taking payments from companies to plug various products, others are speaking out against certain types of endorsements that they feel shouldn’t be there. Clearly, in this case, the Teresa Guidice diet pill endorsement was not well received by fans who feel that when it comes to advice like that, the celeb wasn’t the right person to share.

What Did Guidice Do?

The promotional Teresa Guidice diet pill endorsement posts involved posts in which the star said she uses XPEL from MHP. This product is a fruit-flavored drink mix (which also comes in a capsule). Guidice said she uses it when she feels “a little bloated”, while sharing an image of herself with the product package.

The product itself claims to work as a diuretic that “reduces bloating”, encourages “rapid water loss” and even “supports weight loss”. However, products that make those claims have built a dubious reputation on social media, particularly of late. Fans were not thrilled that the Housewives star decided to use them as her audience for this type of pitch.

Trolling Guidice

Social media followers trolled the Teresa Guidice diet pill endorsement posts. Despite the fact that the 46 year-old said she used the product before her “competition” (which referred to the 40-plus bikini division of the NPC South Jersey Bodybuilding Championships in June, last year, in which she placed third), followers weren’t having it.

Fans very familiar with the hazards of taking diuretics and water pills without a doctor’s recommendation were outraged at the Teresa Guidice diet pill endorsement posts. They demanded that she “Stop endorsing dangerous pills!” and warned other followers that “Water pills are extremely dangerous!! A BIG NO!!! Can do more damage than good!” It is best to choose weight loss supplements that are formulated to support the lifestyle changes required for healthy weight loss. Still, Guidice stood by her choice to endorse the product and earn her living.

Author: Callie Lake

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