Diet Tips from Healthy and Fit Celebrities

healthy and fit celebritiesCelebrities seem to know exactly what it takes to stay fit, slim, strong, sexy, and healthy. They always manage to look their best, whether they are working on a new movie or they are walking the red carpet. So you are probably wondering what some of their top tips are when it comes to getting and staying in shape.  Though you might assume many celebrities are taking prescription diet pills like Adipex to stay thin, it’s not always the case. Check out what some of the many healthy and fit celebrities have to say by reading more below.

Have Some Coconut Oil

Stunning Miranda Kerr has stated that she beats bloat by consuming just a spoonful of some unrefined coconut oil every day. And this makes sense because experts claim that this oil can get your digestion moving and even help clean out your system, especially when you take it in the morning.

Go Plant-Based

Beyonce recommends going on a plant-based diet when you want to slim down. Even if you do it for just 21 days, that should be long enough for you to establish new healthy eating habits, and you may not want to go back to eating unhealthy, fatty foods when you are done with your first 3-week vegan challenge. Plus, this is a tip that is shared by many other healthy and fit celebrities who follow a vegan diet every day.

Drink Some Green Juice

Miranda Lambert is able to maintain her sexy physique by regularly consuming some fresh green juice that is made from healthy vegetables. In this way, she gets her veggies in for the day without being tempted to cover them in cheesy sauces or salad dressings that can be loaded with calories and fat. Plus, she feels that she gets a good dose of nutrition from a glass of green juice, so it’s an easy way to boost her energy.

Stay Away from Fad Diets

Shakira, like so many of us, can’t seem to stick to a strict diet plan. Instead, she focuses on eating a balanced diet that is packed with fruits and vegetables, and she also makes it a point to avoid simple carbohydrates. So the next time you hear about the latest “miracle diet,” steer clear.

Follow the example of these healthy and fit celebrities to take your weight loss journey to a new level, especially if you have recently been struggling to slim down and keep the weight off. With these tips, you might be able to finally achieve the goals that you have been after.

Author: Callie Lake

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