How Tom Arnold Lost an Incredible 90 Pounds

Tom Arnold, a renowned actor and comedian, recently revealed his new look. He has given himself a complete makeover by shedding a significant amount of weight. Tom says that he does not like being humiliated and, according to him, his overweight body was a humiliation for him. He had always wanted to lose weight, but his unhealthy eating habits kept him from doing so.

In addition to being overweight, he also suffered from quite a few health issues. These health problems are what actually compelled him to make an effort to lose weight. His main motivation was his son, Jax. Tom wanted to be a role model to his infant son. To make sure he lost substantial weight, Arnold followed a vigorous workout strategy.

Tom Arnold used an unconventional workout routine to lose weight. Most people either use a full-time cardio routine or engage in weight training. However, Arnold did not incorporate weight training into his regimen. He works out with his trainer, MB Regan. The training session simply incorporates core workouts and stretching. The workouts only last an hour, or something even 30 minutes. In addition, he only trains three times a week.

So, what does Arnold do the rest of the week? Throughout the week, Tom does cardio workouts. The best thing about Tom’s workout is that he writes down how long he exercises each day. This helps him keep track of his progress. A regular cardio session lasts anywhere between 75 and 90 minutes.

Sometimes his son wakes up in the middle of his routine, but this does not stop Tom Arnold from exercising properly. If Jax does wake up midway through a session, Tom makes a note of how long he exercised, the distance he ran, and the number of calories he burned. This way he knows exactly where he left off. Once he puts Jax back to sleep, he goes back to his exercise routine and completes it. This is made particularly easy because Tom records everything.

Tom also has to travel a lot, doing standup acts and movies. However, this does not stop him from exercising. His trainer is constantly working with him to devise short routines that he can easily perform in a hotel room. Of course, Tom has to eat healthy along with this workout schedule.

What is the payoff for Tom’s lifestyle changes? By dropping all the way down from 287 lbs. to 187 lbs., Tom Arnold has managed to get rid of quite a few ailments from which he had been suffering. First of all, Tom’s body-fat percentage is now a mere 11 percent. Also, he no longer suffers from abnormal blood-pressure. His previous readings were 180/120, but now his blood pressure is 120/80. He also no longer needs to use a CPAP machine for sleep apnea. Tom no longer snores, either.

Tom has managed to change his life for the better. If you want to turn your life around, be sure to give his routine a shot.

Author: Callie Lake

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