Tom Brady’s TB12 Diet Method

Tom Brady's TB12 Diet reviewIn case you haven’t heard, Tom Brady has just joined the long – and growing – list of celebs who have created their own diet strategies. In his case, he’s just recently published his TB12 Method, which is a book designed to provide its readers with everything they need to know to “achieve a lifetime of sustained peak performance.”

So, what do you get when you buy into Tom Brady’s contribution to the self-help world? To start, this is no light book. Just lifting it should count as low-level strength training. Once you give it a hoist and open it up (and after your wallet suddenly feels a lot lighter because you’ve forked over nearly $30), you’ll have about 300 pages of reading to do.

Of course, the TB12 Method isn’t just about diet and exercise. You also get a bit of a sports autobiography about Tom Brady while he praises his own body and lifestyle choices. This includes self-applause for his muscle pliability, a number of different training and recovery strategies, a surprisingly large amount of information about why he strongly believes in hydration (in fact, he even feels it helps him to prevent sunburn), recipes to eat similarly to the way Tom Brady does, as well as a careful smattering of Brady portraits in case you’ve purchased the book more to have a look at his handsome face than to try to live like he does.

If you’re looking for a book that is supported by actual bona fide science, this is likely not the diet for you. If you’re looking for one filled to the brim with pseudoscience but that might end up helping you to live a healthier overall lifestyle, you might really enjoy this one.

The lifestyle you’ll see recommended within this book is likely one your doctor would think is a good idea, assuming you’re a healthy adult already (still, consult your doc before starting this or any other diet, just to be sure). It recommends a healthy, balanced diet that doesn’t include refined sugars, caffeine or alcohol. It suggests that you exercise regularly and keep up proper stretching techniques followed by deep-tissue massages. It also demands that you focus on getting hydrated and staying that way. Finally, it tells you to place a much higher priority on getting a good amount of sleep every night. All good stuff, despite the rather distorted explanations for why you should do it.

Author: Callie Lake

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