Celebrity Trainer Tracy Anderson Weight Loss Tips

Tracy Anderson is one of the most searched for celebrity trainers that is trending right now—and there is a reason. Tracy Anderson has been there and knows the pain and suffering of her students. She has come up with a lot of great and effective weight loss and training tips and we are going to share some of that with you here.

Tracy Anderson weight loss tips:

Tracy has more weight loss and training philosophies than she does step by step tips. This is a valuable thing because she explains what women need to be doing and not what they are not to be doing.

Going against convention:

Most trainers will tell women that they should be lifting heavy weights and that there should be no concern with being too bulky. Tracy Anderson does not subscribe to this school of thought and she says neither should you.

So why should you shirk the muscle?

Tracy says that women need to be looking for long and lean muscle. When you bulk up—it only serves to look OK until you are 30 something. By the time you reach your forties and fifties plus—it ages very badly. Also, if you are looking at weight loss this is also a bad thing. Why? Because when you age you lose tone and you gain fat in the equivalent amount that you had in muscle—this looks horrible.

More of a dancers body—apart from the large upper leg that ballerina’s get is what we should strive for.

How do we get this specific result?

According to Tracy Anderson, we should be lifting small weight—very small—just enough to add calorie burning resistance and create tone—so three pounds is sufficient.
The reps however are more intense. We should be churning out higher repetitions at a faster rate than we do when we lift heavier weights.
Other weight loss considerations:

Working out this way will add enough resistance to burn sufficient calories and of course coupled with a higher protein and lower carb diet as well as sufficient cardio exercise will do the trick.

Tracy’s take on running:

A lot of women like to throw running in there and as far as burning a few extra calories it’s fine—however it won’t deliver the result they are looking for. Walking does more and low impact cardio as well.

Author: Callie Lake

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