Tyra Banks Diet

Tyra Banks Diet ReviewThe Tyra Banks Diet is a weight loss program that includes both an eating plan and an increased activity level that are used by Tyra Banks, the former supermodel, to keep in shape.

Who Created the Tyra Banks Diet?

The Tyra Banks Diet was created with the help of Heather Bauer, who is her personal chef as well as being the creator of the Wall Street Diet, in order to come up with a plan that would be compatible with the celebrity’s health and weight loss needs, as well as her very busy lifestyle. This plan was used by the star to reduce her weight by 30 pounds. Once she’d successfully reached her goal, she shared its details to help other people to overcome their own daily weight loss issues.

What Does This Strategy Promise?

The claims made by the Tyra Banks Diet say that you should avoid all fad tactics that are common in other forms of weight loss program, and stop attempting to use deprivation tactics, but to instead focus on eating a nutritious and healthy variety of foods.

What Does the Tyra Banks Diet Require You to Do?

The primary elements of the Tyra Banks Diet are proper balanced nutrition, and healthy activity. The focus of the eating element of this plan is to choose foods that taste great, that are fresh, and that are whole. It includes a large quantity of fruits and vegetables, including salads, papaya, and mango.

Aside from eating in a very healthy and enjoyable way, exercise is also a high priority in this diet. It requires at least an hour of cardiovascular activity every day. This can be something as simple as running or walking outside or on a treadmill. The diet makes no mention of strength training, but focuses on cardio instead. This is clearly designed for people who want to burn fat, but not as much for individuals seeking to build muscle.

Do Dieters Like this Strategy?

Many dieter reviews of Tyra Banks’ diet have been very positive, as people find it to be nutritious, healthy, and very achievable. This makes it very different from most other programs that are being endorsed by celebrities.

The primary struggle that dieters have mentioned about this plan is that there is no specific organized plan to follow. It is more of a concept and a philosophy than a set program to be maintained. Furthermore, this diet is clearly designed for someone who has a chef and dietician available, which is obviously not possible for most people who have to try to perform those services themselves.

What to Do if You Don’t have a Personal Chef?

Let’s face it.  The Tyra Banks Diet would be far easier to keep up with if you had a personal trainer and a personal chef.  At the same time, very few of us can afford to hire people to do those jobs for us for a few days let alone over the long term. Therefore, it’s important to take a realistic look at this eating strategy and whether or not you will be able to adopt it.

To follow the Tyra Banks Diet to the letter, you’re likely to need a lot of money to hire people to perform certain services for you, or a lot of time in which to do them yourself.  Since time and money are rather scarce for most of us, you will likely either need to tweak this diet in order to follow it, or you will need to find a different one altogether.

Where to Start?

Regardless of how much time and money you have, your first step should be to visit your doctor if you’re thinking of changing your diet and exercise in any meaningful way.  This is the case whether you’re hoping to start the Tyra Banks Diet or any other wellness strategy.

Next, have a look at your resources.  Do you have the money it would take to keep up with the demands of this diet.  If not, will you be able to find the time for the exercising and food prep you’re required to use?  Is it possible to change your schedule around in order to accommodate those time needs? If you got up an hour or two earlier on Sunday mornings, would you be able to prep some of your foods so you can eat appropriately for the rest of the week?

These are the things you will need to consider before getting started with this eating and exercising strategy.  You may find that your doctor will recommend another eating plan altogether.  Alternately, he or she may able to make some suggestions in order to make this diet more realistic to your personal lifestyle.

Author: Lori Shearer

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