Completely Ignore These Unhealthy Celebrity Weight Loss Tips

Even though celebrities may have bodies that are enviable, their weight loss and diet strategies may actually do more harm than good. Therefore, when looking through celebrity weight loss advice, you need to determine which tips are safe to pursue and which ones you should avoid completely.

Check out the unhealthy celebrity weight loss tips below, and be sure to totally ignore them because they really aren’t good for you at all.

Avoid Eating Nightshades
Tom Brady had a personal chef who recommended that he avoid all nightshades, including eggplant, mushrooms, peppers, and tomatoes, because they weren’t anti-inflammatory foods. But the truth is that these foods can provide a host of nutrients that you’d miss out on if you didn’t eat them. Plus, there’s no scientific proof that solanine, which is the component in nightshades believed to cause inflammation, actually causes inflammation. On the contrary, a study found that a diet that’s rich in nightshades, which also have vitamin C, can help reduce inflammation. Therefore, this is one of many unhealthy celebrity weight loss you should ignore.

Starve Yourself Two Days a Week
Jimmy Kimmel gave one of the worst pieces of diet advice when he said that he starves himself for two days each week, when he consumes less then 500 calories per day. The other five days of the week, he eats everything that his heart desires. He claims that this keeps his body guessing, and on the days on which he starves himself, he eats pickles and drinks coffee, or enjoys an apple with peanut butter as a meal. But even though the celeb has lost a lot of weight, this is a dangerous diet. Extremely restricting your calorie intake is never safe, and your body will become stressed and crave starchy foods and sweets for energy. This is definitely one of the most unhealthy celebrity weight loss tips.

Only Drink Protein Shakes
Adriana Lima, the beloved Victoria’s Secret model, reportedly spent nine days prior to the company’s Fashion Show drinking nothing but powdered egg mixed in protein shakes. She would then drink a gallon of water and exercise daily, without eating any solids. She said that, despite being intense, she goes back to eating normally after the show. But this is a dangerous route to take, as getting too much protein could have negative consequences on your health and your weight.

Avoid following these dangerous weight loss tips, and rather than taking any extreme measures, be kind to your body and use a product like Phentramin-D to boost your weight loss abilities.

Author: Callie Lake

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