Valerie Bertinelli’s Weight Loss Journey

There are so many famous weight loss struggles and journeys in Hollywood. It’s hard enough to try to lose weight, but when you add the fact that these people are in the public eye it can be very difficult. If you think of some of the success stories then there are often some very real struggles that go along with that. Imagine if you were trying to lose weight but then you suddenly gained it back, and just how hard that would be to do under a microscope. We’re all human but if you talk to a public figure like Valerie Bertinelli you will find that it’s much harder to lose and gain weight if you are famous and in the public eye.

The thing to remember is that even though the stars have a team working with them, they are also human. In her case she broke her foot and couldn’t work out nearly as much as she used to. Though she may have help that most people aren’t afforded, she is human and still has to learn to listen to her body. She has changed her mindset, which has much to do with what will add to her long-term success. Though she may have gained back some weight she is not letting it get her down, and this goes to show just how wonderful this lesson can be for all of us who go through weight loss struggles.

Though her journey is far from over and there are still bound to be more chapters, Valerie Bertinelli is somebody that we can all relate to. It’s important to look at her journey from all angles and we may just take something away from it to apply to our own life.

She struggled with her weight years ago: Though she started off thin she always struggled with her weight from a very young age. Again, being in the public eye accentuated what may have been the normal up and down of weight loss. She would probably never be considered fat anywhere else but in Hollywood that struggle started early and was highlighted for her. This set the stage for the weight loss and weight gain that would transpire over the next several decades that she would spend in the public eye. The struggle was real for her and it started very early on to lead her to her biggest moment in the spotlight.

She lost 50 pounds years ago and kept it off for awhile: It was about five years ago that you saw Valerie Bertinelli in a bikini celebrating her great weight loss. Though many didn’t realize it she had ballooned up to her highest weight and she was ready for a change. She did have help but she worked hard to lose the weight and her success was celebrated. She went on the Oprah Show in a bikini and adorned many magazine covers for her very noteworthy weight loss success that many looked to for their own inspiration—this was an all time high for her!

She credited Jenny Craig but also extensive workouts for her success: When you look at her weight loss there are a couple of factors that contributed to her success. She did lose a lot of it through the Jenny Craig weight loss program and she actually became their spokesperson. She also hit it hard in the gym and that’s an important lesson here. She said she could have never lost the weight if it hadn’t been for her workouts, so if you look to that it tells you that you do have to put in the work if you want to take the weight off once and for all.

She has gained a lot of the weight back but is not feeling bad about it and will take it off again: Though she did lose 50 pounds, that was five years ago and many have said that she’s gained it all back. The reality is that Valerie Bertinelli is not letting this get her down and has changed her attitude. She couldn’t be in the gym due to a broken foot but she is ready to hit it hard again. She knows that she will take off the weight again and her journey will continue, but her attitude is everything from here on out.

Author: Callie Lake

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