Vegan Stars: Which Celebs Embrace A Plant-Based Diet

vegan starsWhen it comes to the latest and most popular diets, celebrities are always on top of what is the most hot. Whether it’s the most recent unbelievable fad diet or an actual healthy lifestyle, celebs are always trying something new to keep up their great figures, skin, smiles and overall health. It makes sense. When the spotlight is always, on you and you have the money to pay an expert to advise you, you’re more likely to start giving new strategies a try.

That said, at the same time that some celebs are going to wild extremes, others are taking a more traditional health focused route by embracing an entirely plant-based diet. These vegan stars have completely eliminated any animal based products from their diets. This doesn’t just mean meat, poultry and fish. It also means eggs, dairy such as cheese, yogurt and milk, and even honey. If it came from an animal, these stars won’t eat it.

Do you already know all the top stars following a vegan diet? You may be surprised at who would rather hug a piglet than have bacon and eggs for breakfast:

Liam Hemsworth – Veganism became an instant choice for Liam Hemsworth in 2015 when Woody Harrelson, his Hunger Games co-star, suggested giving it a try. Hemsworth had recently discovered how badly animals are mistreated in the production of meat and had brought it up in a discussion with his co-star. A few months in, he knew the change was permanent, saying that “I love it” and that he had nothing but positive mental and physical experiences from it.

Jennifer Lopez – J-Lo loves to tell people about how much energy she’s had since she decided to switch to a vegan lifestyle. She will eat only foods from the ground and that are plant based. She says she definitely doesn’t regret it but does admit missing one thing: butter.

Tobey Maguire – This star from Spider-Man and Seabiscuit stopped eating animal based products in 2009. This decision was made based on his strong love for other animals on our planet.

Lea Michele – Former Glee superstar, Lea Michelle considers her body to be her temple and chose a plant based lifestyle in order to reap the health benefits while supporting animal rights at the same time. She does think of herself as a foodie, but believes that you can be good to yourself and the planet while you enjoy great meals.

Author: Callie Lake

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