Veggies Make You Beautiful! 10 Vegetarian It-Girls

vegetarian celebrities it girlsWhen it comes to eating, going plant based is one of the hottest trends in the celebrity realm. Whether they’re vegetarian or completely vegan, stepping away from animal products is quite the thing. Each one has their reasons for making the switch.

Some feel that it is more environmentally responsible, that it is more humane, or that it can even improve their overall health, for example. Each of those arguments aren’t without their merit. Considering that the growth and shipping of beef is considered to be one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gasses, the living conditions the animals must endure and the fact that a Vanderbilt study showed that people eating the highest amount of fruits and veggies live 15 percent longer than people who eat the smallest amount, these veggie celebs do seem to be on to something.

But should vegetarian lifestyles also be credited for making some people beautiful, too? After all, some of these celebs vegetarians are among the most beautiful people out there and they’re always talking about the difference eating more fruits and veggies and less meat has made in their lives. They say they feel stronger, more focused and more energized among other things. Consider the following 10 vegetarian celebs who are completely stunning and don’t eat any meat in their diets.

1. Lea Michele – Fans of Glee and Scream Queens know that Lea Michele follows a vegan diet after having been a vegetarian for a while. She has been known to joke about how many people misunderstand what it is to be vegan, believing that this means she eats only grass. However, she’s also described a typical day by saying that she usually starts off with avocado toast, a tofu scramble or a smoothie for breakfast. For lunch, she usually has a salad of one form or another. For dinner, her preference is for a bowl of pasta.

2. Miley Cyrus – After being quite open about her commitment to vegetarianism, which started in 2014 when Floyd, her dog, died, Cyrus was actually called “Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity of 2015” by PeTA, the animal rights organization. This celeb loves to share pics of her favorite vegetarian dishes among the images she adds to her Instagram.

3. Christie Brinkley – Brinkley, one of the original supermodels, is another celeb who loves to share the details of her vegetarianism and veganism over Instagram. She calls herself a “flexible vegan” because she’s a vegan in nearly every way except for her inability to give up fresh mozzarella. She loves to share how much she loves the lifestyle, the energy she has, and the balanced meals and snacks she crates throughout the day. She focuses heavily on macronutrient balance among her three daily meals with snacks in between each.

4. Ellie Goulding – This singer once had very low confidence in her self-image. In fact there was a time when she felt afraid to leave her home. In 2013 she became a vegetarian and by 2015 she changed to a fully vegan diet. She credits eating in a very healthful way to a new body and face shape that she feels great about.

5. Beyoncé Knowles – Beyoncé famously took on the 22 Day Challenge at the tail end of 2013. That challenge – in which she was joined by her husband Jay Z – involved eating exclusively vegan friendly foods for 22 days. Though she has since revealed that she no longer adheres very strictly to the diet and will occasionally eat meat, she places her focus primarily on balance. Her main focus is now on vegetarian foods as well as animal based proteins such as fish and egg whites.

6. Kristen Bell – In an interview, Kristen Bell shared that she didn’t find the decision to become a vegetarian to be a difficult one as it stemmed right back to the quirks she had as a child. She never used to like the taste, smell or even texture of meat as she chewed it. She liked fruits and vegetables. Now she absolutely adores veggies, particularly cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli and kale.

7. Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi – Married couple, Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi, each celebrities in their own right, have both been vegan since 2008. In 2011, they launched a website together to provide people with added assistance in their own efforts to stop eating meat.

8. Carrie Underwood – This country star loves the thought of eating healthfully but is now on board with the farm to table movement and adheres to it as much as she can. She started off as vegetarian but has now started following a fully vegan diet made of foods where she knows all the sources. Among her favorite foods are maple syrup and berries in steel cut oats, brown rice or quinoa with veggies and tofu, or even toast with vegan butter on it. She also loves a good vegan cheese quesadilla with lentils and beans.

9. Natalie Portman – This celeb is continually changing the way she eats. She was a vegetarian for two decades before switching to vegan from 2009 through 2011, when she switched back to vegetarianism again. Her reason for switching back was that she wanted to be able to eat baked goods made with eggs again. Moreover, while she was pregnant, she suffered from powerful cravings for dairy.

10. Ariana Grande – The singer/actress declared herself a “100% Vegan” back in 2013 after having eaten organic foods and only minimal amounts of meat until that point. She was very enthusiastic about the switch – despite the fact that she was once caught licking a doughnut in a bakery. Still, she does enjoy more healthy foods and posts regularly on Instagram about her favs.

Author: Callie Lake

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