Top 5 Weight Loss Documentaries to Watch for Inspiration

Weight Loss Documentaries to watchWeight loss information can come from many different sources, including weight loss documentaries. Your doctor is a great source, but you can hardly sit in the doctor’s office and discuss the subject for hours on end. Learning more about the subject and inspiring yourself involves additional sources of information.

Books, high quality websites, personal trainers and weight loss documentaries can all be great for improving your understanding of health and weight loss. The trick is to make sure that when you watch weight loss documentaries, you’re watching the right ones.

The key is to make sure you’re watching weight loss documentaries that are informative, mainly accurate and that will help to inspire you to make the right choices over the long term.

The following are 5 great documentaries you can stream to inform yourself, motivate yourself and inspire yourself.


Top 5 Weight Loss Documentaries:

Fed Up

Fed Up is a 2014 documentary narrated by Katie Couric that focuses on the ways in which Americans are becoming obese right from childhood. It underscores the impact of our lifestyle on our extreme weight and on the danger obesity poses to our overall wellness and longevity.

This documentary takes a look at our continually evolving food industry and concentrates on the problems associated with our tendency to eat high amounts of sugar and processed foods. Among the strongest parts of this documentary is a discussion of the traditional dieting mentality of calories in versus calories out as well as the impact exercise has on a person’s body weight.

This documentary is packed with information and is worth watching once for inspiration, but again a second time to truly take in all the info it has to offer. By the second time you watch it, you will be able to use what you’ve learned to help guide you in improving and cleaning up your overall diet for more natural weight management.

Hungry for Change

This documentary takes a closer look at the diet food industry to give you a better understanding of the way it is packed with processed ingredients, artificial sweeteners, sugars and preservatives. It includes a large number of interviews and demonstrates the way the industry was designed to encourage us to continually come back to buy – and eat – more.

This is an interesting look at the way the food industry, even the diet food industry, is meant to make a profit and therefore markets itself in a very specific way to make sure we eat as much as possible. The main bias in this movie is that it clearly leans toward a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. It looks as though some quotes used in this documentary may have been taken out of context in order to fit the purpose of this documentary.

That said, the discussion of the mental issues surrounding dieting make this one of the weight loss documentaries particularly worthwhile. Beyond the discussions of food, the perspective on body positivity, positive thinking and stepping away from the concept that weight management is a deprivation strategy is valuable and motivational.

Bite Size

Bite Size looks into the core causes of the obesity epidemic raging across the United States. It looks into the lifestyle changes made by four children which are meant to establish healthy lifestyle patterns for the rest of their lives. This is one of the weight loss documentaries that takes a look at the way fitness, eating habits, family and social responsibilities and social pressures are established and dealt with in the lives of people touched by obesity.

Though this documentary does touch on the science of obesity, its focus is more from a personal perspective. This allows it to be more relatable and it becomes easier to understand the way the information presented can fit into a real life, not just in a scientific model or theory.


Cooked is actually a documentary series, not just a single stand-alone show. It is hosted by Michael Pollan, the creator of the documentary, and takes the time to take a deeper look into our culture and food over the last while.

In this way, this documentary examines the way we view eating and how it is part of our lives. It examines what we’re eating, why we’re eating and what we can do to improve our nutrition and weight management in a realistic and practical way.

This documentary series is not full of promises or gimmicks and doesn’t suggest that there is any specific food or strategy that is right for the viewer. Instead, it looks into what “good food” truly is and how we can incorporate it into our lives in a better and more regular way.

Sugar Coated

Sugar has been known as a major contributor to health and weight problems for decades, but it is only recently that many of the study results from sugar studies have been released to the public. This documentary looks at the way the sugar industry has learned from big tobacco and has aligned its practices and operations to match.

From this documentary, you’ll learn about how easy it is for us to over-consume sugar as it has become a regular part of a tremendous number of the foods we eat on a regular basis, even those that aren’t sweet. Sugar is appearing in the majority of our foods, particularly processed foods, and it is causing harm to our health and weight.

This is one of the weight loss documentaries helps us gain a better understanding of that trend, so we can make smart changes in our own lives to reduce that impact.

With these documentaries, we can gain a new understanding and perspective when it comes to the foods we’re eating and the choices we’re making. Instead of moving forward without much thought to our health, simply because we’re doing what we’ve always done, we can become more informed and more mindful about what our lifestyle is doing to our bodies.

These weight loss documentaries can be used to inform ourselves and become inspired to learn more and to make the changes we need to make in our lives to make weight loss healthier, easier and more permanent. These help us to understand that being healthy is the priority and weight management goes hand in hand with that perspective.

Author: Callie Lake

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