Celebrity Weight Loss on Dancing With the Stars

If you are a fan of the show then you know firsthand how amazing the weight loss on Dancing with the Stars has been. This is a show that took center stage years ago for the celebrity couplings. It is focused on learning to dance and the amazing progress that is made each and every season. Over time however as more and more celebrities have signed up to do the show, it has quickly evolved into a demonstration of just how great the weight loss can be. So if you follow the show or even if you don’t, this can be a great inspiration for long term weight loss to people everywhere.

It seems that nearly everyone who has done the show has seen their bodies change for the better. There are however some really great success stories in terms of weight loss on Dancing With the Stars. Though they may not have been the very best dancers in some cases, they were indeed the most successful with their ability to lose weight and keep it off. The most recognizable celebrity amongst this circle is Kirstie Alley. The audience saw her body change quite dramatically over time and as she evolved in the season. She has kept up with dance as her exercise of choice and a healthy lifestyle to keep the weight off.

Amazing Transformations Happen On This Show

Another great story in terms of weight loss on Dancing With the Stars is Kellie Osborne. She had always struggled with her weight, and as she danced through the season and became better, she was also dropping the weight. She noticed and spoke of the transition that she saw and attributed the strenuous dance schedule for the positive changes. She kept at it and focused on a regimen of cardio, Pilates, dance, and even hula hooping as a means by which to keep the weight off. She also learned how to eat properly through the show and is therefore so thankful.

There have been plenty of other success stories of weight loss on Dancing With the Stars ranging from Wynona Judd to Snooki to Jerry Springer. Most celebrities, particularly those with any weight to lose, find great success on the show. The body is being forced to perform much more exercise than ever before. This can be a true transformation for many celebrities who need a bit of help with long term weight loss. This is not only a fun show to watch for the dancing, but you can see some tremendous body transformation in celebrities as well.

Author: Callie Lake

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