Celebrity Weight Loss Struggles

It is somehow comforting to us to know that others are also going through the weight loss struggles that we do. Celebrities are some of those people that have the added pressure of having to look perfect for the camera at all times. After all, look at all the impromptu bikini shots and the ones with no makeup. There have been numerous celebrity humiliations over gaining weight from having a baby which is hitting below the belt. Celebrity weight loss struggles are even harder to deal with than those of us that are not in the spotlight.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson is one of those people. She was still pretty much growing into her figure and when she got pregnant the weight struggle became worse. Her bust gained weight as well and now she is ten pounds away from the pre baby weight but says she can’t go running yet as she used to. She is rumored to have a 4 million dollar deal waiting in the wings but first she has to lose some weight.

She is now on a weight watchers plan. Jessica has always has a Yoyo fluctuation in her weight but she began her career young and shocking your body and metabolism with dieting that young will have a tendency to change the chemistry enough to make it harder and harder to lose weight. And when you throw a baby in the mix, you’ve got it harder. She made an empowering statement through an interview with “Mail Online” She stated, “I am not a supermodel so I am not bouncing back like a supermodel, I am just a normal woman who is trying to look good and stay healthy for my child, my fiancé and myself”.

Kirstie Alley

Kirstie Alley, formerly known in her role as “Rebecca” on the popular prime time sitcom “Cheers” has been in the media for her Yoyo dieting over a decade. Yet, she has had success and continues to press on and win every time. She is a classic example of celebrity weight loss struggles.

The key to these two celebrities is the attitudes they carry with them and they tend to be less concerned with other people’s feelings about their weight. They look at it as something they need to do for themselves and not the public. This takes a lot of fortitude on their part. For Jessica it seems it is her family that fuels the desire and for Kirstie it seems it is maturity with age. Though still young, there is a healthy realization of the self.

Though celebrity weight loss struggles are very publicized, they are a shining example of what everyday people have to go through. Not everyone is born with a fast metabolism.

Author: Callie Lake

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