The Most Extreme Celeb Weight Loss Transformations of 2015

Celebrities are always the talk of the town and on social media. Some gain or lose weight for a role in a movie, some who are pregnant, or some who just realized it is finally time to get fit. While others do it when they realize they may need some media attention now. Here’s a look at the most extreme celeb weight loss transformations of the year so far:

Wendy Williams
The candid talk show host lost an incredible amount of weight. In three years she shed fifty pounds! She says it has been an incredible journey of strict diets and cardio workouts. She refrained from meat, dairy and refined sugars and did not eat after dark.

John Goodman
Even though John Goodman made no comment on his weight loss, his fans definitely see a change. The actor seemed a lot slimmer on the red carpet at the BFI London Film Festival.

Rosie O’Donnell
This actress of 52 shed an amazing 50 pounds. She surprised her fans on Twitter by posting a before and after picture, where we can definitely see the difference. She certainly looks great, undergoing one of the most remarkable weight loss transformations of the year.

Christina Aguilera
This young singer also shocked her fans with a before and after shot of her weight loss.

Anna Gunn
Anna Gunn became extremely popular with the show Breaking Bad but not in a good way. Many viewers commented on the sudden weight gain and some even believed it to be part of the show’s plot. However, Gunn explains she was ill during the filming of the show and the medication caused her to swell up. However, she definitely looks absolutely stunning now that her weight is back to normal.

Austin Russel
Russel must be doing something right as he has lost a remarkable 75 pounds! Russel says he has been maintaining a balanced diet and visits the gym six times a week.

Tom Arnold
Arnold is a new dad and his son Jax is who motivated him to make the change. He says he always lived in the moment, but after his son’s birth he realized how important it was to be healthy for his son. Arnold says he does regular cardio, circuit training and ab workouts.

Jonah Hill
Star of the film “21 Jump Street,” this actor lost 30 pounds for the role. Even though he was a little on the chubby side in the movie, he has definitely lost more weight since, making the list of the biggest celeb weight loss transformations.

Author: Callie Lake

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