How to Take Weight Loss Vacations Like Your Fav Celeb

Weight Loss Vacations PlanningWeight loss vacations are on the rise. While many of us think of our time away in terms of lying on a beach or hiking through ancient ruins, somehow virtually every trip seems to come with a spike in the numbers we see on the bathroom scale.  As a result, many people have indeed started to focus on taking time away in a way that will allow them to control their body mass.

However, all too often, these weight loss vacations just mean trying to do everything the same way while depriving yourself of the things that make a trip truly great.  Not exactly the dream trip you’ve been waiting for, right? Fortunately, there are lots of things you can do to make sure you have a great time while you’re away while still focusing on your health and your goals.

Take a Weight Loss Vacation Like Your Favorite Celebrity

Yes, it’s true that few of us could afford the type of weight loss vacation many of the top stars take.  Can any of us really spend over a thousand dollars per day on accommodations alone? Not many!  The key is to try to look for the right features instead of focusing on trying to mirror everything exactly.

You can take a fun and healthy fitness getaway or head to a wellness retreat within your budget. You can enjoy the same principles as your favorite celebrity without dropping the same amount of money that they would spend.  The key is to find the type of retreat that offers the core services that you will find the most appealing while remaining within the price you can afford.

Questions to Ask While Planning Your Trip

While you plan your weight loss vacation to a spa or retreat, find the answers to the following questions to make sure you’ve discovered the best one for you.

  • How much does it cost? This is a great place to start, since a program well outside your budget will rule itself out.
  • What is covered in the cost of the weight loss vacation package? Many programs are all inclusive. This means that your food and activities are all a part of the price you pay. You may need to pay for upgrades, tips and a few extras, but the basics are all in. Others require you to pay for food and/or the classes or services you enjoy.
  • What services are available? Never assume that just because a resort calls itself a fitness retreat that everything you want will be there. If you absolutely want nature hikes, bike rides or early morning yoga classes on the beach, make sure the place you’re considering has it available.

Can you safely and comfortably participate? Understand your level of fitness and make sure the services available will accommodate you.  If you’re just starting your fitness journey but have been relatively sedentary, then an all-day nature hike may be above your safe activity level. If you’re new to yoga, be sure to look for a beginner class so you will find the poses achievable and adequately described for your needs and safe participation.

Author: Callie Lake

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