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Britney Spears Diet ReviewIf you’ve been looking for a specific Britney Spears diet book or program, then you’ve either come up empty handed or have stumbled upon an unauthorized offering.  However, you may still be curious about how the performer has achieved her fit figure.

What Type of Diet Does Britney Spears Follow?

Have you been wondering how Britney Spears went from being a target of nasty tabloid comments due to her extra pounds to an example of how to get your sexy figure back? She used a very specific diet to lose the extra weight she was carrying and get herself back in shape very quickly.

Did she throw herself into intense workouts? Did she slash carbs? Go keto? Try intermittent fasting?  Was calorie counting the path to her goals?  This musician adopted a very specific strategy to manage her weight.  That said, it may not have been as intense or even as fast as you may think.

Did She Really Achieve Super Fast Weight Loss?

The Britney Spears diet was one that went beyond just diet and exercise, but it took an emotional approach, as well. It involved a number of steps that can be applied by anyone, though this, just like any diet, will take your own dedication and commitment.

In order to lose the weight and regain her toned physique, this singer and dancer had to make considerable changes to her lifestyle habits. Furthermore, though she did experience rapid weight loss and muscle building, it still didn’t happen overnight. There was a length of time involved, so neither this nor any other weight loss program should be considered a miracle that will occur over a weekend. There are no shortcuts and this diet should not be considered to be one.

Why Did the Britney Spears Diet Appear to Be That Fast?

The reason that it truly appeared as though Britney Spears’ diet occurred as quickly as it did was a trick of the media. As she was losing weight, she was careful not to show off her body and she kept her public appearances to a minimum. For this reason, the media was using photographs that they had already collected when they were talking about her. Then, when she was finally spotted wearing a bikini in Hawaii on the beach in order to proudly display her new, fit body, she suddenly looked as though she’d lost all of the weight in a matter of two or three weeks. This was hardly the case, it only appeared that way.

The Two Main Steps Used

There are two primary steps to the Britney Spears diet. These are required in order to even start to lose weight.

  • Avoid thoughts that are nothing more than self-sabotage. The only thing that will do more damage to a weight loss plan than crash dieting and fake pills is a negative attitude that includes thoughts that sabotage your efforts. If you have doubts that you will achieve your weight loss goals, you will only hold yourself back. If you think that you can’t do that extra sit-up, you’ll usually prove yourself right. Begin your dieting and exercise with an open mind. Don’t let yourself be too self-analytical until you’ve already tried something and given it your best. Don’t forget that you won’t instantly be an expert at something. Start small and build up toward a more challenging level. Don’t just wonder if you can do it. Take action and actually do it.
  • Have support. Why try and achieve your goal alone when it’s far easier to do it with the support of others. Keeping yourself motivated and determined is challenging, so get the support of friends and family members who understand who you are and what you want to achieve, and who will help to keep you aimed in the right direction.

What Else Goes into the Britney Spears Diet?

Beyond that, the Britney Spears diet included a few other points:

  • Instead of drinking fruit juice (which has a high sugar content), eat fresh fruit, particularly avocados.
  • Quit eating French fries and other bad eating habits.
  • Avoid specialty coffees because they’re high in fat and sugar, and choose black coffee, or coffee with skim milk, instead.

Should You Follow Her Eating Strategy?

These basic rules are relatively straightforward and are typically among those recommended by doctors and not just as a part of a Britney Spears diet.  That said, if you want to know if it’s right for you specifically, it’s a good idea to speak with your doctor.

The reason is that there may be adjustments or additional suggestions that your doctor can recommend that will help you to get more out of your efforts. This may include specific food recommendations or advice that has to do with your physical activity levels which are suited to your fitness level.

Author: Callie Lake

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