The Celebrity Diet Pill Hollywood Wants to Keep Secret

In the past, Hollywood has had a lot of secrets–the present day is not so different. There is a trove of things celebs do that they wish no one outside of their realm knew–but today with the advent of the internet there is no holding back. Now, one just needs to be connected to the web to find out just what secret diet pill Hollywood is harboring.

Celebrities and weight loss

You don’t have to be an avid follower of celebrities to be aware of how celebrities battle weight gain every moment of the day. It’s a good thing they make the money that they do because we all know the expense of having to look good on camera. Even celebrity singer, Jessica Simpson, was pulled apart by the tabloids for gaining a few pounds during her pregnancy–that’s pressure–so we know they have to know the fastest way to lose weight effectively. Their little secrets have leaked and it is right here–diet pills that work fast and effectively.

So what is the celebrity diet pill Hollywood wants to keep a secret?

Meet Phentramin-D. This pill is a favorite all over Hollywood with stars like Vanessa Hudgens that just recently started with Phentramin-D. It is spreading like wildfire throughout the hills and it shows no sign of slowing down.

So how does Phentramin-D work?

This OTC diet pill Hollywood loves has active ingredients that have been proven for safety and efficacy. It is nonprescription yet it is pharmacy-grade. This makes it far superior to other OTC diet pills and it is a great alternative to prescription Phentermine. Phen-D, as it is referred to in Hollywood uses pharmacological compounds and not just natural herbal substances to perform what it needs to.

  • Boosts your energy: You will notice a significant climb in your energy and this will help to sustain your workouts and keep metabolism high.
  • Decreases your appetite: You will also notice a big decrease in your appetite. You just have to remember to eat throughout the day.
  • Increase metabolism: You will notice within weeks that the pounds shed with not all that much effort.

It’s any wonder that this amazing little pill is sought after by celebs worldwide for the relief they need of having those extra pounds that just don’t look good on camera. A bit of trivia for you–the camera adds ten pounds to your picture!

Author: Callie Lake

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