These Are the Best Weight Loss Shark Tank Products So Far

Weight Loss Shark Tank ProductsIf you’ve been watching the show for a while, then you know there is no shortage of weight loss Shark Tank products to hit the show.  Though some may be just as great as they look, others were clearly given their time slot on the show for their uniqueness and not necessarily because they can help dieters to reach their goals.

As is the case with absolutely everything we see, it’s very important to take a closer look at weight loss Shark Tank products before you buy.  Remember, too, that show viewers don’t see much of how things progress after a deal is made, even when there are updates.  It’s also very important to keep in mind that the “sharks” are not medical or fitness experts. Their focus is on whether or not the product will sell, not whether or not it is best for your dieting goals.

Are Any Weight Loss Shark Tank Products Worthwhile?

In terms of weight loss Shark Tank products meant specifically to slim you down, there hasn’t been a lot of success either in achieving deals, in surviving the due diligence process afterward, or in living up to huge claims.  The “sharks” know that many people go on the show more for the exposure it gives them than to partner up with one of the business moguls they face on the set.

Therefore, when the focus is weight loss, there is no guarantee of quality and the stars of the show are quite skeptical of the category right from the start.  That said, this doesn’t mean the show doesn’t provide you with options.  There are products that don’t necessarily market themselves in the weight loss category but that might still help you achieve that result.  Some of them include the following:

  • Tower Paddle Board – This retails for over $600, so you’ll want to be sure you’ll use it before you make a purchase. It was backed by Mark Cuban and is a stand-up paddle board.  The classic version is the most popular, but an inflatable version has recently launched, making it even easier to pack and transport.
  • Q-Flex Acupressure Tool – This is a gadget that makes it very easy for someone to reach their own sore spots on their back to work them out. This helps to reduce or even eliminate the need for a partner or massage expert to do it for you. Pitched by a very clever 13-year old girl, the product retails for $24.99 and is backed by both Barbara Corcoran and Mark Cuban. You’ll likely need this after your trips out on your Tower Paddle Board!
  • PRx Performance – Another high-priced option, this is $649.99, retail, and makes it possible for you to do everything from pull-ups to weightlifting as though you had a full gym, even if you’re in a tiny space. It is mounted on a wall and folds out for full use, then folds right back up to get it out of the way.  This option was backed by Kevin O’Leary.


Author: Callie Lake

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